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Are you looking for sustainable energy solutions for your home or business?



Absolute Energy Solutions is your one-stop shop for quality renewable energy systems.

On top of providing top-quality products, we also pride ourselves on developing customised solutions for our clients. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to energy doesn't work. This is why our friendly staff take the time to get to know your situation and figure out the ideal solution for your needs.

We also offer affordable finance options and lifetime after-care service. We want you to achieve your energy goals sooner and we want to make sure you get maximum value from your investment.

Absolute Energy Solutions invites you to help us create a better future through environmentally friendly energy solutions.


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What We Do

With the growing demand for sustainable energy in Australia, solar power has rapidly increased in popularity. We aim to provide each of our clients with the most effective solar panel system available, whether it's a modest house or a corporate office building we're outfitting.

Beyond this, we also offer a range of other useful and related services. These include:

Energy efficiency
analysis and consultation

Air conditioning servicing
and installation


Where We Are


When it comes to solar power, Queensland is an ideal place for enjoying the benefits of this energy source; it is the Sunshine State, after all! Whether you live in a rural town on the Gold Coast or right in the heart of Brisbane, solar systems can make a significant difference to your household's or business's power bills.

New South Wales

NSW also presents residents with a great opportunity to save money and make a difference to the environment through solar power. From the thriving cities to the laidback rural towns, we provide sustainable energy solutions for homes and commercial buildings throughout NSW.

If you're planning to invest in solar panels in Brisbane, Sydney or any other city or town in Queensland or New South Wales, we look forward to assisting you!




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What Others Are Saying

An Absolute Energy Solutions sales consultant, visited our home and was lovely, he asked questions about our needs and expectations. He provided us with options that were suitable and affordable on our budget. The transition from the consultant to the installer was smooth and speedy. The installers were very polite and respectful and took the time to explain the system in detail. We opted for the Winaico panels which gives us a third party insurance for everything, we couldn't be happier. It was definitely an absolute energy solution for our home.

Alison Woods

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