Coca-Cola May Come with Cannabis Very Soon

Business News

Coca-Cola is seriously planning to launch a non-psychoactive cannabis-infused beverage and to meet this end, and it is talking to a very well known Canadian cannabis firm. BNN Bloomberg further states that the Canadian cannabis firm is none other than Aurora Cannabis, that has its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. Coca-Cola does not want to develop a product that can make people ‘high’, rather the focus is on creating a healthy drink that contains cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is the substance that is there in marijuana and is responsible for not making people high. It has health benefits like reducing inflammation, seizures, and nausea.

  • There is much going on at the backend – Though Coca-Cola is non-committal at present regarding all the talks that are going on at the moment, it is also a fact that the company is seriously pushing for some CBD laced products that can hit the market. After all, by all estimates, CBD products are going to have a market share of $2.1 billion by 2020 and Coca-Cola will not like to miss that opportunity. To meet that end, it had also discussed its plans with another Canadian marijuana producer, Aphria, but that also did not materialize. However, CBD is still a no-no in the US whereas Canada has legalized recreational marijuana. But it is not very sure whether things will remain the same in the US.
  • CBD products are going to come up in a bigger way – Coca-Cola knows that the conventional soft drink market will shrink with time and therefore this decision from them does make sense. After all, they have already ventured into the nutraceuticals segment with their coconut water, that is sold as a recovery drink after an exercise. It is the same segment that Coca-Cola wants to target with its CBD products as well and there is certainly a large market to tap in there. Very soon, one may find a Coca-Cola product with CBD that can be quiet reassuring.

Many people will recall that the original Coca-Cola formula had a little bit of cocaine initially and therefore, it comes as no surprise to have CBD some day in Coca-Cola.