How to buy designer brands for cheaper prices

General Tips

We all dream of owning a Gucci or a Louis Vuitton. But at the same time, shelling the amount that is needed for an original is not something everyone can manage. This being said with some thinking and planning you can still own designer pieces. After all, they do last you much longer, are of high quality and along with it comes a certain status mark that most crave for.

There are several flash sale websites which have designer brands for much cheaper rates. Since they bulk ship to their retailer, they save on packaging as well as shipping. This way you can be a part of these discounts too. But mind you, such pieces get sold off very fast. The one advantage is that if you register with them, you will get alerts or emails if and when your favorites crop up on the site. Some sites also offer discounts, rewards or credits if you bring in friends and family to register too.

Another major tip is to shop during off seasons. Think of buying a swim-suit in the winter and maybe a coat in the summer. All you need to do is store them in your wardrobe for a while. But during such off seasons, you will get amazing discounts. However, do take care that you select something classic. Else, by the time you use your swim-suit or coat the style might be outdated. Stick with shapes and cuts which are classic. Mind you, such items are usually non-returnable. Check the return or refund policies before you make a purchase.

You might not want to hear this, but you can even get good deals on second hand designer pieces. Keep a look out on such sites and you might end up with a good deal. Ensure that it is an original and is in good shape. That’s all!