How to get your children to lend a hand at home

General Tips

If you are a parent you surely must be having a difficult time getting your kids to clean their room or keep it clean. The word ‘later’ is a common one you must be hearing from your kids. Well, the very reason they do not like doing chores are because they are boring. It’s as simple as that! Doing the dishes or cleaning up a room doesn’t seem like you are getting any kind of reward. So how do you get your kids to help around and do their own work?

The main idea is to stop nagging your children. They need to genuinely have to want to do their chores. If you see that they do not do their chores; you have to drop everything, sit down and explain things to them.
You can also use a time system wherein you give them a time limit to do a particular chore. If they do not complete it in time, they would be given a mild punishment like maybe early bed time. No kid likes that and they might just get the work done faster. This time rule can also be made into a competition among siblings. And always remember to reward them. If they finish a particular job in 20 minutes let them have an extra 20 minutes of television or computer time and so on.

If you are financially able to, you could also give them an allowance for the particular chores that they help with. That way, they are motivated to work for their allowance. This being said, as a parent you would also need to keep an eye on how they spend their allowance.

Also remember to never ask them to do a chore as a matter of punishment. Else that is what it’ll become! Chores would be uninteresting and a punishment for them.