How to keep large spaces pretty

Home Improvement Tips

You must have heard and read about how to spruce up small spaces and how to decorate them so that they look or feel larger. But what do you do when you have a large space? Well, the very first rule would be not to clutter it up. With large spaces, we tend to bring in too much furniture and crowd it up. Let’s look at some very basic rules for large spaces –

Usually living spaces are always decorated with the television as the core area. The rest of the furniture is accordingly placed. So you first need to decide where you would place the television. It needs to be away from the window glares or reflections.

Another thing to remember is rugs. Area rugs would look awesome in such spaces. It will help make it pretty and break up the space thus giving a cozy look.

Also when you place your furniture you must not place them against the walls. Move them away or center them. That way, you occupy the space neatly and yet do not make it cluttered. It’s also a good idea to keep rearranging the furniture so things don’t get boring and the room gets a new look each time. Sometimes even different angles make a whole lot of difference. Even the wall décor can be circulated to give a fresh look. You do not have to always buy new stuff. You can use indoor plants to create divisions in spaces.

Whenever you walk into your home, you tend to keep your handbag or your keys in a particular place. That is possibly the most likely place that can get cluttered awfully fast. Hence, concentrate on that area and ensure that it is always well organized. Keep pretty looking bowls or trays which would hold your keys or mail. Just let your imagination flow and keep your home cozy and stylish.