How to make a kitchen more efficient

Home Improvement Tips

Small kitchens are pretty much the norm in most city apartments these days. But small doesn’t have to be inconvenient. A small kitchen most definitely means limited cabinet and shelf space However you can very much make your kitchen larger with more storage area, with just some small tips –

One major tip is that you can use your oven for storage; at least the utensils or accessories used for baking. Yes, it sounds a little ridiculous, but it actually works. All you need to do is take it out when you use the oven.

Also, you can never have enough hooks. Make sure you hang several hooks. That way you can hang your strainers or other stuff which would make it easier to grab. You can even hang kitchen towels or mitts.

If you don’t have enough cabinets you might have to buy a wardrobe or something similar which can be used for storing. Try something second-hand and spruce it up a bit to match the décor. Things that you do not use on a regular basis can be put up a little above reach. But stuff that you use on a regular basis should be easily reachable. Spices, cutting boards and other vessels that are used daily – need to be within reach of the stove or the sink. Generally, spices and oils are stored away from the stove so they do not get heated up. Mugs, plates or glasses can be stored near the dishwasher so you will find it easy to operate the washer.

You can store large pans and pots above the cabinets or cupboards. That way you need to take them down only when required and you get space too.

The one thing to always keep in mind and make a habit of – is to clean as you work. A small kitchen cannot take piles of dirty dishes or pans. It can get horrible really fast.