How to stay minimalist and chic

General Tips

We would all like to have stylish and chic interiors. But not all of us can afford a new or fresh space. That being said a few small changes can make a whole lot of difference. These days the trend is to be a minimalist. Keep it to just basics and do not get carried away by the superfluous. This gives you less clutter, neat surroundings and a very sleek and sophisticated look. Most interior designers these days have this neat and easy approach for designing and it gives an awesome outcome.

The very first thing that you need to do is clear out all the surfaces. Surely your table or chest tops are filled with papers, bills, keys etc. Get rid of all these random objects. Find each of them a proper place. If you think right, most of them can be stored away. Only things that are essential can be kept but that too properly organized. Mind you, this situation doesn’t take care of itself. You need to keep visiting the same issue and keep clearing up.

The very foundation of minimalistic designs is base colors. You need to keep all your colors subdued and quiet. Try out shades of white, biscuit or even ecru tones. It not only brings in a feeling of peace and calm but it gives the room a very clean look. This being said please do ensure that it doesn’t get boring. It doesn’t have to be bland.

Use proper lighting to enhance the look of the room. Make the tones warmer and not harsh. You can also add some colors like green, tans, earth hues or blue to make it a little more interesting. Keep your decoration minimum but tasteful. Any piece that is introduced needs some serious thinking. It needs to be something that will add to the beauty of the room and not create a distraction.