How to use carpets to make your rooms look more spacious

Home Improvement Tips

In this day and age, it is a little difficult to afford large apartments or houses in cities. So the best we can do is decorate or organize our homes in such a way that it gives a chic, stylish look and also look spacious even when it may not really be large. Proper décor can give our rooms a larger feel and look. One such element which can be used is a carpet. You can use area rugs or wall to wall broadlooms to make your spaces big.

A broadloom gives you the feel of continuity and hence can make a space look larger. If you have smaller ones, it rather gives you start and stop points or visual stops which tell you how small the room really is. Wall to wall carpeting gives you a larger feel as the eye doesn’t unconsciously stop anywhere.

If you are not a fan of broadlooms and prefer rugs, well, you should remember to go with the right size. Very small rugs can give the feel of a small room. On the other hand large rugs give you a larger feel too. The size needs to be chosen depending on your furniture, their placement and so on. Another major tip that one should remember is that the furniture needs to be on top of the rug. If the placements do not allow that, then you should at least make sure that the front legs of the bigger units are on the rug.

Another important aspect of rugs or carpets is the ‘color’. Ensure that you go with light colors which once again enhance the area of the room. You need not necessarily take whites. You can go with lighter shades of any colors that would match with your furniture too. The kind of pattern on the carpet also is very important. Depending on the size and amount of furniture, you would need to go with smaller or larger designs.