Why should you buy your products locally?

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With all these big International brands and the status symbol that goes along with them, we usually tend or want to purchase products from them. Little do we realize that when we buy locally we actually help our own economy!

Let’s have a look at what happens if we shop locally –

When you shop or spend your money at businesses that are locally owned, the major chunk of that amount stays within the community. On the contrary, when we spend the same amount on an International brand, a very small amount remains in the community.

Higher paying and better jobs are created by businesses that are locally owned. Hence, when you shop at these businesses you are indirectly helping to create these jobs. For example – firemen, teachers, police officers as well as other several professions.

You save on resources and energy. Less is spent on the packaging, less spent on fuel and that way it seems like a saving all round.

Local businesses if they do well; make it a point to give back for various community causes. This way, it is the local economy and community that benefits all in all.

This also in turn means less maintenance, less infrastructure and more finance for the community. Online shopping is very much encouraged these days. Since it is convenient and sometimes cheap, many seem to prefer this method. But if you spend locally, the sales tax gets invested once again in the community itself, thereby benefiting the community and economy.

Local businesses are familiar with you and others in the community. Hence depending on your likes and dislikes they accordingly display and bring in products that would be preferred by you. That way, they create an individual market. They take an extra interest in serving you better; as you are their neighbor and friend.

Every economy is based on entrepreneurship and you are giving it a helping hand by purchasing locally.